Whittaker & Assoc., Inc.
  P.O. Box 681263
  Marietta, GA 30068

  Phone: (678) 285-2222

Services Offered

Whittaker & Associates is an Atlanta based food industry executive search company servicing client companies throughout the United States and Internationally.  We offer the following services to client companies:

bullet Contingency Search
bullet Priority Search
bullet Retainer Search

  Contingency Search:

Whittaker & Associates Contingency Plan is offered to client companies on a basis that no expense will be incurred until employment has been consummated.  The fee for our services is earned if an individual is hired based on our referral to your firm, either verbally or in written form.

The contingency search fee is 25% of the first year's annual guaranteed compensation  of any person we present who is subsequently employed.  Fees are invoiced on the starting date and remittances should be received within 15 days of starting date to maintain guarantee.

If the candidate is terminated or leaves your employment within 45 days after commencing employment, we retain the exclusive right to locate a replacement at no additional cost to you, provided we are notified within 5 days after the candidate's termination and we are permitted to locate a replacement on an exclusive basis for a period not to exceed 45 days.

During the process of qualifying candidates for presentation to clients, Whittaker & Associates conducts preliminary reference checks to meet our own screening policies.  The furnishing of names, addresses and telephone numbers of candidates references does not imply that they have all been checked by us beyond our initial preliminary checks.  Total verification of references, personal, educational and employment background information should be checked by you ( the client company ) during your evaluation process.  This should be independent of our preliminary checks.

  Priority Search:

Whittaker & Associates offers Exclusive Priority Searches ( EPS ) to our client companies for positions of $75,000 a year and above.

All client companies who contract for our EPS will receive EXCLUSIVE search efforts and will receive a broad selection of executive evaluation services included in our established search fees.

We assign our EPS clients their own personnel consultant.  This consultant compiles a background portfolio on your company through actual visits to your corporate offices at our expense, providing him an in depth knowledge of your company's immediate and projected needs.

In all cases of EPS, the fee is 30% of the first year's annual guaranteed compensation of any person we present who is subsequently employed.

Whittaker & Associates EPS plan differs from other plans in that, rather than have an open end on expenses, we offer a fixed monthly expense charge that would be deducted from our search fee upon the successful placement of the executive.

This fixed charge is $1500 a month paid in advance each month.  If an individual is placed within the first 30 days, the $1500 would be credited against the fee.  In the second month - $3000 credit and in the third month $4500 credit.

We anticipate that 90 days should be sufficient for the search assignment and we extend a 120 days guarantee for all candidates placed within our EPS Program.

  Retainer Search:

Whittaker & Associates offer our contract search program to companies that have an unusually high number of middle management needs within a 6 or 12 month period possibly due to a new facility, a major expansion of an existing facility, several new product rollouts, etc.

The utilization of contract services is not new to the corporate business world.  In the legal world it has been used by lawyers for decades to guarantee a corporation that they are always available to provide a continued service at a known and pre-budgeted fee regardless of the client activity level.

With this client service level in mind, we offer 6 and 12 month tailored contracts at a fixed monthly fee resulting in substantial reduction of fee expenses based on a traditional individual placement program.

Detailed information of this contract search program is available on request.

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