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  Whittaker & Assoc., Inc.
  P.O. Box 681263
  Marietta, GA 30068

  Phone: (678) 285-2222

Whittaker Letter

The Whittaker Letter is published at the same time as personnel inventories. It is a managerial newsletter that covers topical information of current market trends. This newsletter has been published for 16 years and is 120+ issues strong. Bound copies are available. To order the Whittaker Letter, please send a check or money order in the amount of $75.00 plus $14.95 for shipping to:

  ·  Whittaker & Associates, Inc.
     P.O. Box 681263
     Marietta, GA 30068

Below is a list of the Whittaker Letter archives:

  Volume 1:
  1. How to survive executive burnout.
  2. How to improve delegation habits.
  3. Managing stress.
  4. It's evaluation time.
  5. What's a leader?
  6. Listening - The master key to communication.
  7. Feedback is important.
  Volume 2:
  1. One minute manager.
  2. The art of leveling.
  3. The busy manager.
  4. Handling mistakes.
  5. Self - sabotage.
  6. Managing individuality.
  7. Take time to say "Thanks".
  8. Power: Do you lust for it?
  9. The perils of perfectionism.
  10. Are you too materialistic?
  Volume 3:
  1. Uniqueness - our fundamental difference.
  2. Comments on quality.
  3. Management by exception: Alerting manager to deviation from plans.
  4. Are you too easily manipulated.
  5. Anger!
  6. What do you really think of yourself?
  7. How do you deal with pressure?
  8. Time I$ money.
  9. Inside the executive mind.
  10. How to lose wait - through punctuality.
  11. How to be a manager.
  Volume 4:
  1. Apathy, fear, and leadership.
  2. Executives ought to be funnier.
  3. Setting standards - yours and theirs.
  4. Needless arguments.
  5. Advice to an aspiring manager.
  6. Fitness for busy people.
  7. The one who gives up.
  8. To be more outgoing.
  9. How to keep your best people.
  10. Ways of looking at time.
  11. Planned Interviewing - Key to avoiding pitfalls.
  12. Drug and alcohol screening.
  Volume 5:
  1. The freedom to fall
  2. How to stay charged all day long.
  3. The power of questions.
  4. The revenge of the fired.
  5. People who don't get along.
  6. Legal guidelines for interviewing.
  7. Principles of motivating.
  8. Snoopervision.
  9. Your pad or mine.
  10. The family and the workplace.
  11. The perils of persistence.
  Volume 6:
  1. You are probably working too hard.
  2. Managers - task or people centered?
  3. Good conversation is good business.
  4. Showing your employees that you care.
  5. Slamming the door on interruptions.
  6. Leading by expectation.
  7. That quality called reputation.
  8. Incentives can be bad for business.
  9. Well done.
  10. Questions secretaries ask most frequently.
  11. What do you mean?
  Volume 7:
  1. Is your marketing plan "tired"?
  2. The need to say no.
  3. Drug testing that clears the arbitration hurdle.
  4. Is courtesy going out of style?
  5. What it takes to be a tomorrows manager.
  6. Leveling - at home.
  7. Setting your boundaries.
  8. Open door policy.
  9. Gain sharing: A group motivator.
  10. That quality called attitude.
  11. Excellence - is it out of style?
  Volume 8:
  1. The effective change agent.
  2. Creativity is no myth.
  3. Downsizing without distress.
  4. Your company-wide support network.
  5. Helping employees handle change.
  6. The walls we build.
  7. How to stop putting off the future - part 1.
  8. How to stop putting off the future - part 2.
  9. Prejudice in the workplace.
  10. How to look at an applicant.
  11. Coaching the problem performer - part 1.
  12. Coaching the problem performer - part 2.
  Volume 9:
  1. Reasons for interpersonal conflict.
  2. Don't let them out the door without an exit interview.
  3. Emotions in the workplace.
  4. Keys to great attitudes.
  5. Giving recognition.
  6. Ancient management tips for the 90's.
  Volume 10:
  1. Steps in performance evaluation.
  2. ATTENTION: the greatest human gift.
  3. Nourishing the complaint process.
  4. The values of American managers - then and now.
  5. Smokers in the workplace.
  6. Lessons from the Gulf war.
  Volume 11:
  1. Older and wiser: Mature employees and career guidance.
  2. Removing the 'problem' from problem employees.
  3. What is wrong with training programs.
  4. Your new role: stress buster.
  5. Trade secret first aid.
  Volume 12:
  1. Hiring the overqualified.
  2. Working in the family way.
  3. Get your mission statement working.
  4. Building brand equity with public relations.
  Volume 13:
  1. The worst boss in the world.
  2. Why don't things change.
  3. Don't bad mouth your competition.
  4. When are people motivated.
  Volume 14:
  1. Are you developing future leaders?
  2. Another look at performance appraisal.
  3. Habits of waste at work.
  4. Four crucial perceptions influencing production.
  5. Earmarks of an effective management team.
  Volume 15:
  1. Know your people.
  2. The training that people want.
  3. How do my people see me as their manager.
  Volume 16:
  1. What must the supervisor communicate.
  2. Some no-no's of interviewing.
  3. Tips for better meetings.
  4. Communicating with the new employer.
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