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Personnel Inventory - Dairy


  D-13164   DIRECTOR OF QUALITY                  

This candidate has a very strong UHT/ESL and aseptic background. Helped startup a UHT plant for a major dairy manufacturer that made products for national distribution. Operation became so profitable within 5 years that a group of investors purchased the division. Was then selected to manage an aseptic processing facility that employed 58 quality assurance personnel. The most recent position held was for a Director of Quality over four dairy manufacturing plants. This candidate had 150+ people reporting indirectly to him. Strong background in fluid milk, HACCP, USDA, FDA and all regulatory compliance in addition to the UHT experience. Open geographically. Salary desired - $100K to $115K.

  D-15725     REGIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER                     

This candidate represents 22 years of experience with only two employers. Has experience in both union and non-union plants but predominantly in union environments . Single largest facility that he managed was 830 employees. In his last capacity was responsible for 5 dairy manufacturing plants and 30 distribution centers. This incorporated facilities in 7 states and employed over 1,400 people. Strong experience in 401K management, payroll, union negotiations and employee relations. Salary desired - $120K to $140K.

  D-12062     FLUID MILK PLANT MANAGER                                 

Geographically focused east of the Mississippi, offers 28 years of fluid and cultured dairy product experience. Has managed up to 120 hourly employees. Very well educated holding a BS, an MS and a PhD degree. Salary desired - $70K to $75K.


Open geographically to any major U.S. city this candidate offers 20+ years of progressive dairy management growth and experience. Has worked in Aseptic, Extended Shelf Life, UHT, HACCP, GMP and high speed packaging. Is knowledgeable in many areas of dairy production including ice cream, fluid milk and juice products. Candidate holds a degree in Accounting. Desired salary $90K to $95K.

  D-15033     QUALITY ASSURANCE SUPERVISOR                           

Wants to focus search on the southeastern part of the U.S. This candidate is commonly referred to as an “up & comer” given that he has two years of experience and holds a B.S. in Food Science with honors. Was the recipient of 5 scholarships, was on the Deans List repeatedly and was a member of PHI ETA SIGMA and PHI TAU SIGMA National Honor Societies. Has a strong HACCP background. Salary desired $45K to $55K.

  D-9253     VICE PRESIDENT OF MANUFACTURING                                       

Open geographically, this candidate offers 26 years of management growth with just five companies. Holds a degree in Chemistry and Economics. Has a strong background in ice cream and cheese operations. Has had multiple plant experience managing up to a 1250 employee plant with sales pushing $1 Billion. Salary desired $200K to $225K.

  D-12709     PLANT MANAGER                                      

Geographically focused on the Midwest to Northeast and down to the Southeast. Offers 33 years of fluid milk experience with only four dairies. Holds a B.S. and an MBA degree. Has a very strong background in fluid milk and cultured products. Has managed up to 150 employees. Holds an excellent record of posting profits as a General Manager. Has a top 10 safety record while in a 34 plant manufacturer. Salary desired $120K to $130K.

  D-15387     ASSISTANT PLANT MANGER                               

Geographically open offering 12 years of fluid milk experience with only one company. Holds and Associate degree and is working to complete a Bachelor’s degree, in maintaining a 4.0 GPA while working full time. Is bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Is a former Marine with 13 years of service. This candidate is dedicated to succeed in the dairy industry Salary desired $75K to $85K

  D-15626     PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR                                 

Geographically focused on Georgia and North Carolina (or very close to either) offers 7 years of dairy experience with one employer. Holds a B.S. degree in Biology with honors. Managed as many as 60 employees. Hands on experience with UHT production and quality control. Salary desired $60K to $65K

  D-13035     PRODUCT ION MANAGER                                 

Needs to stay in or near St. Louis, MO. Offers 12 years of dairy experience with one employer. Holds a B.S. degree in Food Science. Product experience includes fluid milk, cultured and ice cream products. Has managed a staff that includes supervisors and hourly employees of up to 90. Salary desired $75K to $80K.

  D-15625     OPERATIONS MANAGER                                

Geographically open to any good offer. Has 10 years of ice cream novelty manufacturing experience. Holds a B.A. degree in Education. Has multi plant experience. Has been involved in the start-up of six new facilities. Managed over 600 employees in the U.S. and internationally. Has Lean Manufacturing experience. Salary desired $175K to $200K.

  D-12990     VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS                               

Geographically prefers the west coast region. Offers seven years of cheese manufacturing managing a staff of 400 total employees. Was once selected as Processor of the Year by Dairy Foods Magazine. Holds a B.A. degree in Economics. Has held the duties of a Vice President in a multi-plant operation. Salary desired $200K to $225K.

  D-6032     OPERATIONS / GENERAL MANAGER                              

Geographically restricted to the northern California region. Offers 33 years of dairy experience that includes knowledge of hard cheese, yogurt and powdered milk production. Has managed up to seven supervisors and 230 hourly employees. Holds two B.S. degrees in Food Science and Business Administration.  Salary desired $120K to $130K.

  D-9179     QUALITY ASSURANCE SUPERVISOR                           

Geographically restricted to the Northeastern region. Offers 30 years of dairy experience in fluid milk, ice cream and cultured products. Has been with present employer for 11 years, has 10 direct reports and 100+ hourly. Holds a B.S. degree with honors, went on to complete a M.S. degree in Food Marketing and also graduated with honors. Salary desired $125K to $135K.

  D-7651     VICE PRESIDENT OF DAIRY PROCUREMENT                               

Geographically open on relocation. Offers 17 year of dairy supply chain management and procurement. Holds a B.S. degree in Agriculture and Economics, graduated with honors. Has also functioned as a CEO of a dairy futures brokerage and information firm. Has functioned as a commodity risk advisor. Has purchased raw materials, commodities, ingredients and packaging. Salary desired $200K to $235K.

  D-1312     PLANT MANAGER                

Has a geographic preference for the east coast but is willing to listen to all good opportunity. Offers 28 years of fluid processing. Has managed facilities that operated 24/7 with as many as 380 employees. Has both union and non-union experience. Holds a B.S. degree in Management and is also trained in Six Sigma. Offers many letter of recommendation from previous employers. Salary desired $140K to $150K.